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מילים לשיר My Life

I never cared when people said what I should do with my life,
I always did what felt just right, for my two kids and my wife.

I’ve built a home
Provided food
Paid for their school
Helped with their mood,
I treated life as an art.
I gave them my heart,
There is nothing I regret until the day I depart.

I never cared when people said to go do this or do that,
I always heard my inner voice beyond the mind and its chat.

I closed my eye
Emptied the noise
Breathed once or twice
Dissolved without choice
Until the silence appeared
And my mind got so clear
A state of bliss and love not even one drop of fear.

I didn’t care when people laughed at my looks or my voice,
Deep down inside I always new, that I did have a choice.

To be strong like a rock
Or weak as a leaf
To say what I had to
No matter the grief,
Then the world was mine.
I was on cloud nine
And everyone around me at once looked benign.

I live my life to the fullest now, on a mountaintop in Spain
Cherish music food and sun, with Vivi and a Great Dane

We read some good books
Visit with friends
Paint nature in oils
Often laugh and dance
A perfect life to be had,
Not doing one thing we dread
We could be in Detroit but we are in Spain instead.


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