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מילים לשיר Summer Picture

Summer picture with the two of us
Feels like poetry to me
Letting time to drift away from us
On a timeless land we're left to be
With our mindless heart
and our heartless mind
We find everyday
how its hard to find
a friend

I remember playing hide and seek
I called for you all night but you were gone
and when they found you sleeping in the creek
you said you wanted little time alone
With your mindless heart
and your heartless mind
though we think the same
we're two different kinds
my friend

Now you play the deaf and I the blind
holding to each other like a child
when you call I turn my head aside
I cry out but you never hear me cry
With our mindless heart
and our heartless mind
we find every day
how its hard to find
peaces lost in time
of yourself and mine
my friend

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