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ראשי » המושב » Too Late

מילים לשיר Too Late

We dug our pockets deep for the golden calf.
We dug a little too deep babe , now you can't go back.
Why would you lead us this far just to break us down?
We're all on line at the station for the last train out of town.

Is it too late babe? Is it too late now?
Too late to make a dream come true?
Too late to make a dream come true?

We tore the jungle down with the urban plow.
We went a little too far babe, now we can't go back.
Clock keeps ticking and I can't drown out the sound with all of that white noise
Circling in your mind.

So you wanna know why and you wanna now.
You dug a little too deep babe, now you can't go back.
Oh but life is dream and hope is all you have .
You go a little too high, you gotta come down.
Open up your eyes and see.

Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh, Hashem Tze'vaot .
Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh, Melo Choi Ha'aretz K'vodo.
Kadosh Kadosh , Hashem Tze'vaot.
Kadosh Kadosh .

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