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מילים לשיר Walts

You and you and you
And you and you again
There’s really nothing more to be said
I sit on the edge of this morning
And wait for you
Can you picture it
I sit on the edge of this morning and I wait
Picture it

I sit on the edge of one bed or another
Makes no difference to me
Edges of beds seem to play
A very big role in my life
You and your big blue eyes
Have gone to sleep
Without saying good night
No lullabies
No evening gowns
No midnight drinks

This is not the end
But it’s certainly not a beginning
And sometimes I wish that you talk
More often than you do
You can even try whispering
Something familiar into my ear
Maybe a tune
It’s more like a siren
Or maybe just

I want you to tell me
Let’s eat the moon with two coffee spoons
But you never do
I want you to ask me to love you
As long as I love
And I always do
Instead you just say
Why won’t you let me go
I’m so tired

This is not the endƔ

I wonder
Do you wait for the same
When you look at me look at you
Do you wait for the same
Are you longing to see your reflection
In someone else’s eyes
And did your heart stop

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