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מילים לשיר Message

We got a message for you people on planet Earth
You're gonna get something that you'll never forget
Bringing spicy grooves and some crazy moves
So tasty and delicious you're gonna lick your fingers

We'll make you fly
We'll make you shout and clap your hands
You'll feel so high
You'll never cry again

So if somebody is trying to sell you
Something that sounds like groove
And you find it hard within you
To get down and break a move
So come and join us, don't you worry
It's gonna be delish
Our spicy funky finger licking effect dish

Who here thought the funk is gone
Who here thought the funk is back
The funk is not gone the funk is not back
It has been here all the time just filling the cracks
Feeling the beat yo
Hitting on the one
Taking to the bridge
We've only just begun

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