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מילים לשיר X song

I gave it all I got
I fought back for my heart
Today will be
Tomorrow's blues

Still hadn't call you X
But we're here for sex
In curse
We had it real good

A bandage made of booze
We kiss away the bruise
That use to leave us crumble

And with a swinging shot
I toss away my plot
And in your arms I stumble

I lied when I told you life goes on
My cry was lost in sweat beneath our clothes
How it's so damn easy for boy?
And my stare's deaf to the rhythm of your touch
As i let this love go

And some of you that's dead
If you laid off the meds
Could be what i would fight for

On a taste of sin
A sweet and awful sting
On a bet
I sold myself short

When you're gone with the day
Regret will stay
And hold me till i swear
No, no more

The night fading it's blue
Oh don't you steel it too
For old crimes lover

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