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ראשי » שי נובלמן » No more call girls

מילים לשיר No more call girls

Take the red shirt, it's alright
Much too small and much too tight
Take my sister if you want
Ain’t she pretty? But she’s so old, she’s so old, she’s so old

Take my wallet, I don’t mind
Nothing you could find inside
Be my lover if you wish
CO’s life is short, and I'm alright I'm alright

Just tell me where to go now
My star will lead me, to a place where I
I could hide; I'm losing my mind

Note, that words could hurt me
Like lightning over-strike
But baby when you're near me

I don’t mind, I don’t mind

Read a book; there is a light
In a dark and lonely night
Sheriff, sheriff, here I come
Driving Sunset Boulevard

Book a flight to Denmark
Football match next month
Don’t you worry, we will lose
Call the call girls, they'll come, they'll come

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