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ראשי » שי נובלמן » One of a kind

מילים לשיר One of a kind

She lived in a paper mansion
Under clouds of love
You’d be mesmerized, by her purple twinkling eyes

She stood in a tulips garden
Wearing a skin tight shirt
And spoke about my world
How could it be more understood

Ivy says you are dreaming
Well I lost all sense of time
I am ready to go for a ride
She is one of a kind

Riding high with her beside me
In our golden sky
We saw a big balloon,
That was covering the moon

Time to say goodbye
I had a tear in my right eye
Johnny barked her name
Till her flying saucer came

Friends said you will get over it man
Just give me the time
I’m not ready to go for that ride
She is one of a kind

מילים לשיר שי נובלמן

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